Margrieta Philips Leeuwenhoek

Other name: 
Margreta, Gryetgen, Grijetje
Birth or Baptism date: 
July 30, 1623
Death or Burial date: 
October 14, 1678

When Margrieta Philips married her step-father's son Jan Jacobs de Molijn on 1643 05/08, he was living on the Choorstraat and she was living in Amsterdam. They registered the betrothal in Delft at the Nieuwe Kerk and at the Stadhuis, but they got  married in Amsterdam (Amstelveen?). Eleven-year-old Antony may have attended his sister's wedding, and she may have been living with their uncle Peter Douchy, where Antony would later live.

She and Jan de Molijn lived in  on C0258 now Choorstraat 33 Molijn's house just one street up from Antony and around the corner. It was also directly across the street from where he grew up and where his father had lived with her mother, who may have lived there until her death in 1664.

Antony witnessed the baptisms of the last two children, Anthonij on June 18, 1656 and Geertruijt on January 23, 1661.